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We can execute any idea to life

As long as the idea is in the mind, then its execution is doable. NOASARC team of experts enjoy the intricacies of not only the creative process but also work diligently so that it is able to come to life.We believe in"Branding Legacies"(NOASARC)

We have contacts in almost every business in the city

The master key is trust. We have established strong ties with all industries that are tied into event planning and more.

we value YOUR time

In each category of our commitment to you we have 3 things in mind-how we will make it happen perfectly and how you will only need to spend what you need to  with time and money.We value time and for that reason have established a formula that allows us to maximize our service capabilities while also adhering to a minimal amount of time spent resulting in a more conscious budget friendly situation for you.

We builD our reputation on excellence in PLANNING, DESIGNING,ORGANIZING AND MANAGING EVENTS, with a constant focus on serving our cLIENTs.

Our business was created to help individuals  like yourself  to receive dependable & excellent service from the planning of the 'grand entry' to the 'thank you' cards.The principles of our business have remained steadfast throughout the years-honesty, consistency & budget conscious. At NOASARC, our goal is to establish a relationship that is trusting, reliable and long lasting.

We believe the best way to a successful event is by working with a professional team each in their own field giving way to creative thinking, technical innovations and flawless execution.

Contact us today to discuss your current and future needs. We have a myriad of suppliers, team members, and friendly staff to provide the best customer service in the business.

Noasarc's array of services is going beyond event planning. From our affiliates of online marketing and social media to our PR & marketing team, Noasarc is a once stop shop for helping you move your business forward

"Events planned by Noa are unique and diverse, carefully conceived and beautifully executed." 
​Tracy Jenkins - Lula Music & Arts Centre / Lula Lounge

"With the humanitarian agency I used to manage, Counterpart International, noasarc brilliantly organized a highly successful fundraiser in Toronto to benefit survivors of the devastating Haiti earthquake.  I was most impressed with Noa's calm efficiency in the preparatory stage where a number of entertainment groups, caterers,  the venue, and guest lists, had to be arranged very quickly.  During the event itself, Noa was the epitome of confidence, grace and elegance as she unobtrusively orchestrated her event team to produce a most successful event with the minimum amount of fuss. I have noticed at other events they organized that one noasarc's great assets is the ability to seamlessly pull together events so they don't feel too "organized" -- which puts the guests in good moods and makes the hosts look good.  For anyone looking to host an event memorable for its class, elegance, efficiency and style, I strongly recommend noasarc."
Lelei LeLaulu - Special Advisor The World Bank and Chairman, Earth Council Alliance.  Washington DC. 
"I have had the fortune of working with noasarc within several scopes of what they offer. From performing at one of their fundraisers (Luau at Lula) to having them produce graphics for my business (KELANI International) from 2008 to present date, to organizing one of my tour stops  for my ‘KELANI Sweat and Burn Tour’ in 2012, noasarc has been part of my business since the beginning.Although there is so much I can say about noasarc, I believe the word that sums it all up, especially with regards to the founder – Noa – is: passion. Noa pours her heart and soul into every project – big or small. Aside from this crucial characteristic is her attention to detail, creativity and vision. She eats, breathes and sleeps her projects!If you have the opportunity to work with noasarc you will experience first  hand what it is like to be the center of someone’s world, because regardless of how many projects may be on the go, you will always be made to feel like the ‘only’ client."
​Ioana Aboumitri - Creator/ Founder KELANI International . www.kelaniworld.com . www.facebook.com/studiokelani

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"I have attended several events run by Noa of noasarc and have had the pleasure of working for her on a fundraiser. Noa is extremely creative and has wonderful attention to detail. 
At each event the decor, flowers and stationary were unique and beautiful. Her choice of menu and talented performers completed the atmosphere and created a warm and magical ambiance. "
​Kathryn Poole - IT manager
"I have never had such a wonderful and satisfying experience as I had when sharing my work with Noasarc. Thank you Noa for the opportunity to work along side You and your team.... love Juanca!"
Juan carlos Cardenas - Master of Ceremonies/Vocalist
"Noa is a remarkable event organizer/planner for NOASARC.  She infuses eagerness and passion into every event she works on and, therefore, each occasion is unique.  The quality and dedication of her work is outstanding.  She has the knack of bringing thoughts alive and make things happen.  She imbues a strong sense of authenticity and with that quality you will find she is extremely dependable, efficient, trustworthy, detail oriented and considerate. I have facilitated a number of fundraising events for local communities, and I have had the pleasure and enjoyment of being involved with a number of NOASARC fundraising events.  At each event Noa demonstrated, leadership, self-assurance and attentiveness.  She is very gracious, warm and endearing to all those who participate in NOASARC’s events, from volunteers, catering, entertainment and participating guests.  Noa creates a wonderful atmosphere of inclusiveness and timeliness.    I  highly recommend NOASARC’s services.  This company has high standards in everything they provide and you can rest assured that the “vision” of your planned event is delivered.  You will be amazed and inspired."
Angelina Petherbridge - Healer, Teacher 




Noasarc team will be building a stage where we will have the top names in the city performing and showcasing their talents.This event will be a media extravaganza.